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If you’re not familiar with Mezcal, you need to be. Tipped as the next big UK trend set to excite discerning drinkers across the cities of the UK, Mezcal is a Mexican spirit which can be made from 30 varieties of Agave, including Blue Agave, much like Tequila. The main difference being it is firstly made in different regions although 80-90% of Mezcal’s are made in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico. Secondly the process of whereby the Agave plant is cooked underground which really gives its characteristic smokey flavour. The Agave is then crushed in a Tahona, which is essentially a donkey pulling a large stone wheel around crushing the plants. All of this is overseen by the Master Mezcalero, dream job.
A spirit which has been made since the 1600’s it’s like drinking a piece of art. Our top picks for the new and also experienced Mezcal drinker.


Del Maguey Vida – Unaged single village Mezcal from a true artisan producer of which can be found on the shelves of many a high end bar in the UK. “Del Maguey’s entry-level Vida, at $40, is a fine mezcal in its own right, with intensity and a briny character. All are simultaneously rustic yet sophisticated, unpolished yet sublime” New York Times. An excellent starting point to explore the joys of Mezcal at £46.99.
Los Danzantes Anejo – From ex-restauranters now turned master distillers, Los Danzantes translating as the ‘The Dancers’ have well and truly produced an amazing product. Aged for 16 months in oak barrels, made in tiny batches of 1800 bottles and only £85.99 for something this rare is a bargain!

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