Our Gin Connoisseurs Gin tasting course will give you the background in all you need to know about Gin. With Gins continued resurgence and new brands coming onto the market every week, which is the right Gin for you? This advanced gin tasting course will demystify the marketing and allow you to distinguish the difference in the brands and styles to enjoy your gin to the full.

This Gin tasting course is for the Gin Connoisseur, as well as the gin enthusiast who wants to learn a bit more. Hosted by The Gin’tleman Carl Hawkins, who established the Jekyll & Hydes Gin Parlour and is Brand Ambassador for the famous Martin Millers, and is one of the most respected gin experts in the UK.

You will enjoy an immersive tasting experience of gins flavour spectrum, sampling Dry – Floral – Savoury & Spiced Gins, then Citrus – Sweet & Aged, finishing with the worlds only Gin liqueur, sipping neat, with a variety of tonics and unique garnishes accompanied with samples of classic Gin cocktails.

During the gin tasting course you will learn about botanical’s, aroma recognition, production processes of Gin, its colourful history, styles of Gin and ideas for making top class cocktails at home.
We will also provide you with your very own flavour profile analysis which tells you which flavours your palate prefers and which gins – from across the world – might suit you best. Enjoy a 10% discount off all the Gins featured to buy at Loki after your class, plus additional recipes for making home-made English vermouth and Tonic syrup at home to take away.

When: Saturday 26th May, 12:30pm

Where: Loki Wine Lounge

Price: £45 Per Person

*Tickets are non-refundable, transferable 14 days prior to the event.

Gin Course Tasting Birmingham Loki Wine


For more information on Carl and his gin tasting courses:



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