Johan Meyer is a winemaker I have been avidly following for many years, he is one of the
best and most progressive modern winemakers in the world, earning him the position as
“one of the top 10 winemakers to watch”. He specialises with old vines from the old and
abandoned coastal areas of the Cape, these areas are where some of the most exciting and
innovative winemakers are plying their trade. These vines are organically “dry farmed” with
mega old vines, and produce some of the most intense flavours, whilst also being able to be
farmed as naturally as possible. Johan has the ability to make some of the most elegant
wines around at the moment, but also making the wines “natural” without being weird.

This is a great opportunity to try some of the best examples of new wave South African
wines, and hear from someone who is undoubtable going to be one of the best winemakers
in the world.

When: Tuesday October 10th 2017

Where: Loki GWA

Time: 6pm

Price: £15



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