This month it’s all about boldness, with the changing of the seasons proving a great time to start discovering some new flavours. Dry whites with fruity overtones, natural unfiltered reds ranging from young and explosive to jammy and alcoholic.


Obsession Symphony | Iron Stone Vineyards | California | 2016

California’s last bit of golden sun. Floral, fragrant and un-complex. If you’re looking for an easy summer drink you can’t go wrong. No food required. Summertime, socialising and fun. £13.99

Gasper | Pinot Grigio | Slovenia | 2016

Slovenia has an incredibly long history in winemaking but due to it’s turbulent history, modern winemaking techniques have only just become normalised in the former communist state. One of the finest examples of Pinot Grigio I’ve ever tasted (and we don’t usually stock it). Pair it with light seafood dishes, no heavy sauces, perfect for a BBQ. £14.99

Combe Lafond | Sancerre Grande Cuvee | 2015

This 80% free-run juice, pure, clean and floral, bursting with fruit but still wonderfully dry. Sit outside, chill out and if you must pair it, think fish and chips, fritto misto, tempura and other salty deep-fried goodness. £39.99

Acre Hill Estates | Chardonnay | Wales | 2014

Ancre are one of the pioneers of biodynamics in the UK. One of the first certified biodynamic vineyards in Wales, they believe in making wines with minimal intervention. Incredibly juicy, a tiny bit of oak, beautifully crafted. Perfect with grilled pork or chicken. £22.99

Domaine Belleville | Rully Premier Cru | La Pucelle | 2015

Burgundy had a little trouble in the 1980s due to old techniques and oxidisation, but this no-fuss winemaker forged a future for his family vineyard by modernising his technique and maintaining the same brilliant grapes as before. Notes of peach, nectarine and tropical fruit, but again, wonderfully dry. Special occasions with friends or family, lovely with roast chicken. £33.99


Smiley | Dry Red (Version 2) | Swartland | Non-Vintage

Tinto Barocca and Cinsault blend from the hipsters of Swartland who are trying to push boundaries in the way we consume wine. No filtration, no tampering, no preoccupation with the place, or the vintage (or the label). Funky and a little rough around the edges due to the purity, but wonderful on the palate. £19.99

Fabien Jouves | You F*ck My Wine | Cahors | 2017 #PhilsNumberOne

Jurançon Noir is a historic grape variety from Cahors, a big producer of the Malbec varietal. The Cahors appelation is now strictly Malbec, despite this winemaker campaigning for the preservation of his historic vines. That’s why the label says ‘Vin de France’ instead of ‘Cahors’. We don’t care though. This wine is stunning, one of the best in the area, soft, fruity and light like a Beaujolais. It’s got a core of crunchy, juicy fruitiness. Fresh and fun. £18.99

Clos Du Gravillas | Rendez-vous sur la lune | Minervois | 2016

This Carignan/Syrah/Grenache blend is by one of the biodynamic pioneers of the Minervois region. The idea is to get incredible fruit-purity. They don’t buy into the new hipster natural-wine movement, they just focus on purity of fruit and boldness of flavour. Beautiful tannin and structure, without overwhelming the palate. Dark cherries, redcurrant jam. Goes beautifully with lamb. £21.99

Fox Gordon | Eight Uncles | Shiraz | Barossa | 2015

Very typical new-wave Barossa, with new South Australian winemakers trying to focus more on the subtleties of Shiraz, and less on the alchoholic over-oakiness of yester-year. Still big and bold but with a beautiful inner elegance. Minimal intervention, bags of character. Enjoy with red meat. £21.99

Matias Riccitelli | Malbec | Mendoza | 2014

Young-gun winemaker from Argentina, following in his father’s footsteps, but deviating slightly to focus on premium malbec. This is a blend from three different vineyards, with an emphasis on picking grapes at their ripest. This results in blackberry, blackcurrant. Think black-forest gateau on the palate, big bold tannins, extremely juicy. Unfiltered. Have it with a steak. £32.99