Explorational crisp whites case




As Loki customers will know we love exploring different styles of wine at Loki, and discovering something that we haven’t tried before. This case are some of our most refreshing white wines that we have discovered this year.

We go from the lightly sparkling Pignoletto, which is a 11% alcohol spritzy crisp wine, think of prosecco, but dryer, more sophisticated, and less gassy, this has been one of our best sellers this year. Then Albarino from New World Vineyard of the Year Garzon, from Uruguay. Argentina’s no1 white variety Torrontes, which is like a grown up Sauvignon Blanc. Malvasia from Croatia, which is a wine that we recommend anyone to try. Crisp and refreshing Grillo from Sicily, and last but not least Koshu from Japan – yes this is wine not Sake, and is delicious.

Garzon Albarino
Riccitelli Torrontes
Kozlovic Malvasia
Vitesse Grillo
Grace Koshu


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Mixed white wine case


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