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This case sums up what we love at Loki, this is trying new wines from areas you maybe wouldn’t have tried wines from, and proving that there are amazing wines from alternative varieties, countries, or winemaking techniques. At Loki we celebrate all these amazing wines. So try things like stunning summery Cretan & Basque wines, just perfect to sit out in the sun. We also have one of our favourite producers Riccitelli, where he experiments with concrete egg fermentation in this unique wine. If that wasn’t enough, Croatian Malvasia and Zibbobo from Sicily. So be adventurous and try these stunning wines.

Donnafugata SurSur Grillo
Idaia Ocean Thrapshathiri
Akarreg Txiki Blanco
Kozlovic Malvasia
Riccitelli Blanco de la Casa’
Vitesse Zibbobo

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