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Loki Wine is named after the Norse God of Mischief, Loki. Why? Because our philosophy at Loki Wine is to demystify a traditionally stuffy wine industry, to be playful (oftentimes mischievous!) with our approach to the vast and complicated world of wine! Here at Loki, we’re all about having fun, because if you’re not having fun whilst drinking, then…what’s the point?!


So, when designing our new venue in Knowle, we commissioned local artist, Adam Bayley, who has a particular interest in Norse mythology, to design us some beautiful Norse artwork for the lounge area (now affectionately referred to as Valhalla!)

Adam digitally painted a set of 5 pieces with Loki (of course!) at the helm, as well as Odin (God of Wisdom), Thor (God of Thunder), Hel (Loki’s daughter), and finally, a Valkyrie (A female warrior who’s job it is to choose who may enter Valhalla.)

Each one of the designs is available as a unisex, premium quality super soft black T Shirt.

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