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Inchdairnie is a distillery based in Fife, rooted in the rich tradition of malt whisky, and pushing the boundaries of Scotch whisky.

The distillery was constructed around the innovative mash filter, which was installed even before the walls and roof were erected. This distinctive system enables to extract a greater depth of flavour and more sugar from the grains, and it’s versatile enough to handle various grain types. In contrast to the conventional approach of using roller mills, InchDairnie Distillery adopts a distinctive method by utilising a hammer mill. This equipment finely grinds the grain, almost pulverising it, enabling it to pass through a metal sieve positioned at the bottom of the mill. The conversion from starch to sugar initiates within the Mash Conversion Vessel before progressing to the mash filter for further processing.

RyeLaw is the first release from distillery in Fife and stands as the only whisky in the world produced from malted rye distilled in a Lomond Hill still. The distinctive still design enables precise control over flavour and strength, ensuring consistency without fluctuations. For RyeLaw, this precision distillation method targets an exact optimum flavour level and strength of 72% ABV. This meticulous approach, known as ‘precision distilling,’ allows for the capture of the flavour’s peak, which is then carefully collected for maturation.

RyeLaw will be introduced as a vintage whisky, with each release retaining the distinctive flavour profile and essence of RyeLaw. The 2017 vintage opens up with enticing peppery spiciness. As the whisky matures over the years in new charred oak barrels, it gains additional layers of vanilla sweetness and a rich, mature oak character, enhancing its complexity and depth of flavour.

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Pepper, Vanilla, Biscuits, Cereal, Dried fruit

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