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At Loki we relish in discovering new an interesting things, and although we love traditional wines as well the discovery of new flavours and varietals is what really excites us.

In this mixed case we explore one of my wine finds for this summer with a gorgeous wine from Crete, if you go the whole summer without trying this wine you are really missing out! We also have a Malvasia from Croatia, a stunning floral, mineral Grillo from Sicily – perfect for drinking on it’s own in the sun. Plus three reds designed to be enjoyed in in the sun with a fantastic Greek red, a stunning Etna Rosso, and last but not least an Amphora aged wine served in a litre – because it’s the perfect size for sharing, or just for a good night in on your own.

Vitesse Grillo
Kozlovic Malvesia
Idaia Ocean Thrapshathiri

Gaia Agiorgitiko
Pietradulce Etna Rosso
Herdad Rocim Fresh from Amphora’ (Litre)

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Mixed red and white wine case


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