Lo·ki  \ ˈlō-kē \

A Norse God who contrives evil and mischief for his fellow gods.

This is a significant time for change in Birmingham. It has always had off-licences, pubs and bars, but since the 1980s, the consumption of fine wine in the city was seen as the preserve of the wealthy, the snooty and the privileged. All of this changed with the opening of the first Loki, in 2012.

I worked my way up in one of the bleakest, dogma-dominated industries, with stints at Oddbins and Wine-rack. Loki purposefully flies in the face of industry tradition by encouraging people to try, sample and discover before purchasing. I am also keen that Loki stays a young collective, which means that the wines on tasting will stay interesting, vibrant and diverse in flavour-profile and budget.

Many people in an industry ruled by price, production and product placement rarely get any creative input in terms of what’s bought, what’s sold, and how it’s explained. That’s what makes Loki different. All our staff love wine, and they love sharing their opinions and recommendations with the wonderful, inquisitive folk that walk in.

Loki takes the existing mindset of wine as something that we consume, and shifts it to one of something we appreciate. It’s a journey, not a commodity. 

At Loki we like to lay it all out in front of you and give you a choice. Hopefully, you’ll come away with an understanding about why wine tastes the way it does, and that understanding will grow and grow.

Our technology (state-of-the-art Enomatic machines) ensure that every wine we serve is done so at the optimum temperature, and with as little interference from the atmosphere as humanly possible.

We believe that Loki is the ultimate drinking destination in the city, not only for wine, but now for spirits too. Our shop and tasting house in central Birmingham has over 40 different types of gin, and our range of craft beer is growing every month.

Phil Innes, Owner.

Wines On Tasting

We believe that we have created the ultimate place to drink delicious wine, and make mischief. Come and play.