Hattingley Valley

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Hattingley Valley is a relatively new, winery located in Hampshire, England, that specialises in producing high-quality English sparkling wines.

The winery was founded in 2008 by Simon Robinson, a former IT entrepreneur who developed a passion for winemaking after taking a course in viticulture and winemaking at Plumpton College in Sussex. Over the years, it has evolved into a leading UK winery.

The Robinson family initially planted their first vineyard on their farmland, and now they have a 600-tonne eco-friendly winery that’s among the world’s most advanced. They credit their success to a focus on winemaking excellence and a willingness to break from tradition.

Hattingley Valley has won numerous awards for its wines, earning the reputation as one of the most successful wineries in the UK. Its state-of-the-art winery facility features modern winemaking equipment and temperature-controlled storage areas, making it one of the most advanced wineries in the world. It’s also the first English sparkling wine to be served in first class on British Airways flights!

Hattingley Valley sources fruit from various regions in England, rather than relying solely on their Hampshire vineyards. This strategy helps mitigate the risk of frost and leverages England’s diverse soil types and microclimates. They collaborate with established farmers through long-term contracts to ensure the quality of the grapes.

Hattingley Valley Wines

The winery follows the traditional method for sparkling wine production, with a unique touch of oak barrel ageing. This approach sets their wines apart. After fermentation and ageing in stainless steel tanks, the wines spend additional time in barrels or tanks before being blended, filtered, and bottled. This process can take anywhere from 18 months to seven years to reach maturity.

Their wines show crisp acidity, citrus, and orchard fruit flavours, coupled with floral and yeasty notes. Known for their elegance and finesse, Hattingley Valley’s sparkling wines showcase a creamy texture and minerality, often comparable to the finest traditional sparkling wines, making them a noteworthy player in the global sparkling wine scene!

Hattingley Valley’s commitment to preserving the environment is reflected in their dedication to biodiversity. They’ve created a healthy ecosystem in their vineyards, attracting the rare Silver-washed Fritillary Butterfly. This reflects their pride in maintaining a rich natural environment, which aligns with their brand identity.