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About San Marzano

The Primitivo di Manduria DOP, a land strip between the seas that wash over the Puglia region, is home to the little hamlet of San Marzano.

In 1962, 19 winegrowers founded Cantine San Marzano in San Marzano. They were pursuing a dream long before the appellation of origin was established and Primitivo di Manduria gained international recognition.

In 1996, the winery purchased a modern bottling plant, marking a shift from bulk production to establishing their brand with direct consumer relationships. In 2000, they launched Sessantanni, an iconic label made from old vines that has gained global recognition for Puglian wines. In 2015, San Marzano acquired SAMIA, a 120-hectare estate by the sea, which serves as a sustainable production centre and a showcase of Mediterranean beauty.

San Marzano Wines

San Marzano has become a leader in the production of Primitivo wines, an indigenous grape variety for the region. San Marzano also produces wines from international grape varieties, as well as Puglia’s very own Negroamaro and Verdeca. Loki is proud to stock their best-sellers, with 62 Anniversario taking the lead.

With their intense fruit notes and balanced acidity, these award-winning wines will transport your taste buds to the heart of Puglia, where each bottle tells a story of passion, tradition, and centuries-old winemaking expertise. Whether you’re looking for a bottle to enjoy with dinner, or a gift for the wine lover in your life, San Marzano wines are sure to impress and satisfy your palate.

San Marzano Wine Production Today

They have adopted a modern approach to winemaking by focusing on keeping the fruit of Primitivo clean and balanced, with freshness, acidity, and sweet tannins to offset the big body and high alcohol content of the wine. San Marzano uses both French and Californian barrels for ageing but emphasizes that the fruit should be the star of the show in their wines.

As a cooperative, San Marzano works with over 1200 small vine growers in the region, providing them with technical direction for agronomical management and winemaking. The cooperative model allows them to manage the unique challenges of working with old and small vineyards, which often produce the best Primitivo grapes.

San Marzano produces both blended wines from different parcels and single-vineyard “cru” wines, depending on the project. The terroir of their vineyards in Puglia is characterized by thin, red soil with low organic content and calcareous rock underground, which contributes to the integrity of the aromas in their wines. Despite the region’s low rainfall and high temperatures, the winery’s focus on viticulture practices and winemaking techniques allows them to produce high-quality wines with distinct character and flavour profiles.