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This case is a selection of some of our best selling red wines, customer favourites that have been tried and tested over a number of years. This case explores various styles of red wines from the Rioja Reserva of the Year in Decanter, Ondarre. Through to Dandelion Shiraz/Riesling which has been a best seller for Loki for 9 years. The Bordeaux offers a wonderfully approachable style of Bordeaux, perfect for a roast dinner. With the best Portuguese red we have tried, and a firm staff favourite.

Il Pumo Primitivo
Piattelli Vineyards Malbec ‘Alto Molino’
1818 Bordeaux
Ondarre Rioja Reserva
Dandelion ‘lion’s tooth’ Shiraz/Riesling
Prats & Symington Post Scriptum


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Mixed red wine case


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