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Boekenhoutskloof is a distinguished South African winery located in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley. They produce exceptional, elegant and delicious wines.

Boekenhoutskloof – A Short History

Established in 1776, Boekenhoutskloof is one of the oldest farms in the Franschhoek Valley. The farm’s name means “ravine of the Boekenhout,” with Boekenhout being an indigenous Cape Beech tree prized for furniture making. The farm underwent restoration in 1993, and a new vineyard planting program was initiated.

Boekenhoutskloof Wines

Boekenhoutskloof’s vineyards cover approximately 60 acres of prime chalk soil. They plant multiple grape varieties: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Semillon and Viognier.

As a producer, Boekenhoutskloof specialises in Syrah. Their premium Boekenhoutskloof range consistently sells out upon release of each vintage.

The Chocolate Block, a Syrah-based blend, has achieved remarkable success and is considered one of the most triumphant new wine offerings from South Africa in recent times.

Boekenhoutskloof’s winemaking philosophy revolves around producing wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Franschhoek Valley.

The estate’s winemakers and viticulturists nurture the vines with care, ensuring that the grapes express the nuances of the soil and climate.
Sustainability and environmental consciousness are integral to their practices, preserving the beautiful landscape.

Each harvest parcel undergoes cold maceration in tulip-shaped concrete tanks. Spontaneous fermentation occurs at controlled temperatures. Techniques like pump-overs and délestage gently extract aromas, colour, and tannins. Aging takes place in various vessels, including concrete eggs, foudres, and 225-liter barriques.

Boekenhoutskloof’s commitment to excellence and respect for nature make their wines a must-try for wine enthusiasts.