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    Orin Swift ‘Eight Years in the Desert’

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    Orin Swift ‘Abstract’

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If you’re seeking full-bodied, rich & luxurious fruity wines that defy convention and captivate the senses, look no further than Orin Swift Cellars. Founded in 1998 by winemaker David Swift Phinney, this innovative producer has left an indelible mark on the US wine industry. Their commitment to crafting exceptional, boundary-pushing wines is evident in every bottle, making them a must-have for any wine enthusiast.

Orin Swift Wines

Orin Swift Cellars is renowned for its remarkable portfolio of wines that dare to be different. Inspired by Phinney’s passion for wine, the journey began during his time in Florence, Italy, where he fell in love with the art of winemaking. After honing his skills at esteemed wineries, Phinney established Orin Swift Cellars with a mere two tons of zinfandel grapes. Over a decade, he meticulously crafted wines that not only challenge tradition but redefine it.

The distinctive character of Orin Swift wines goes beyond the bottle. The winery’s creative and captivating labels, designed by Phinney himself, add a unique touch to their offerings. From sparsely clad models holding machetes to thought-provoking imagery, each label tells a story, inviting you to explore the extraordinary within.

The Orin Swift portfolio boasts a diverse range of wines, from Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel and Pinot Noir. One of their standout creations, the flagship wine “Abstract“, has garnered widespread critical acclaim, solidifying Orin Swift Cellars as a leading force in the winemaking world.

Orin Swift Winery

At the heart of Orin Swift Cellars is David Swift Phinney, a winemaker whose journey took an unexpected turn from law school to the world of wine. With a steadfast focus on quality and attention to detail, Phinney’s winemaking philosophy revolves around sourcing the finest fruit from the best vineyards. This commitment to excellence has allowed him to craft wines that resonate with enthusiasts seeking both exceptional taste and memorable experiences.

Geographic diversification plays a pivotal role in Orin Swift’s winemaking approach. By harnessing California’s diverse terroirs, from the cool zones of Mendocino County to the warmth of Santa Barbara, Phinney creates wines that strike a balance between complexity and consistency. Blending different varieties allows him to showcase the best of each region while maintaining a signature style that captivates the palate.

Orin Swift’s artistic labels may draw you in, but it’s the well-built, fruit-forward, and stylish wines inside that truly leave a lasting impression. The unconventional grape blends, exemplified by iconic releases like The Prisoner, set them apart in a crowded marketplace. Through his unconventional and fearless approach, Phinney has built an iconoclastic legacy that continues to evolve and inspire.