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Charles Heidsieck is a prestigious Champagne house based in Reims, France. Established in 1851, the house is named after its founder, Charles Heidsieck, who was known as the “Champagne Charlie” in the United States in the 19th century. He earned this nickname due to his pioneering of the Champagne industry and being one of the first Champagne producers to actively market and sell his wines in America.

After his successful venture in America, Charles Heidsieck returned to Europe and continued his charm offensive in Belgium and England. His champagne gained recognition and acclaim, sparkling in royal courts and earning him celebration and decorations at Universal Exhibitions.

Charles Heidsieck is renowned for its high-quality Champagne, which is made from the finest Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes from the Champagne region. The Champagne is produced using traditional methods and undergoes a long maturation process, which gives it a unique and complex flavour profile. The house style is quite rich and full-bodied due to the extended ageing and their use of reserve wine.

Charles Heidsieck Sustainability

Charles Heidsieck is a renowned champagne house known for its long history and commitment to sustainability.

The House follows the traditional Champagne model and owns a vineyard of 75 hectares in the Marne and Aube departments. They also have long-term contracts with winegrowers and cooperatives to ensure a consistent supply of grapes. Charles Heidsieck takes responsibility for making the best use of the harvested grapes and adapting their practices to meet the demands of the world.

In terms of sustainability, the House has achieved the “Sustainable Viticulture” label with “HVE” (High Environmental Value) for its vineyards since December 2015. Environmental protection, biodiversity preservation, and sustainable vineyard management are at the core of their operations. They have implemented an ambitious program of reasoned practices consisting of 100 actions to guide their daily work.

To preserve the environment, the House limits the usage of fertilisers and opts for organic alternatives. They prioritise recycling, ensuring that all waste from production and pressing, such as skins, seeds, and stems, is repurposed for energy or sent to distilleries. The House actively works to preserve biodiversity by practising sexual confusion, using wooden stakes instead of metal, and maintaining beehives.

Charles Heidsieck is committed to zero insecticide and herbicide usage to protect the soils, flora, and fauna. They also encourage their viticultural partners to adopt reasoned practices. Looking towards the future, the House aims to be certified as 100% Sustainable Viticulture by 2030, supported by their partners’ adoption of sound environmental practices.

Charles Heidsieck Chalk Cellars

The Crayères, a series of chalk cellars dating back to the 3rd century, is a significant part of Charles Heidsieck’s heritage. These subterranean cathedrals provide ideal conditions for ageing champagne, with no light, noise, and a stable temperature. Stretching over eight kilometres and thirty meters below ground, the cellars house several million bottles patiently awaiting the perfect ageing period, some for more than forty years. In recognition of their historical and cultural significance, the Charles Heidsieck Crayères were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015.

Charles Heidsieck Wines

The wines of Charles Heidsieck are renowned for their elegance, indulgence, and complexity. Each wine has its own personality, with the fresh elegance of Chardonnay, the structure of Pinot Noir, and the generosity of Meunier. The blending of wines of the year with reserve wines is a specific practice in Champagne, requiring exceptional expertise to achieve the perfect alliance. Charles Heidsieck takes pride in their reserve wines, which are carefully selected and set aside for their aromatic potential, contributing to the unique texture and style of their champagnes. Time itself represents a fourth varietal for the Charles Heidsieck House, symbolising the significance of ageing in their winemaking process.