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Prosecco Tastings

Prosecco was first made around 1907 when Eugene Charmat radically changed the way sparkling wines could be produced. His method enabled the wines to be produced much faster than those of Champagne and at a fraction of the cost. As well as speeding up the production process, the style of wine produced became an instant hit in Italy. However, in recent times it has been hailed as the ultimate party drink and the essential bubbles for any celebration.

Our prosecco tastings are a great way to start your afternoon on a fun, yet educational note.

In true Loki style, we are letting you explore your wines and lead you to see that all Prosecco doesn’t “just taste the same” and there is a vast difference in quality and flavours.

You will learn about prosecco styles and things to look out for when you are buying your own bottle.

Book onto one of our tastings to try something different, meet new people, learn more about sparkling wines and create some fun memories.


Champagne Tastings

Come and join us at one of our Champagne Tasting sessions and experience the world of bubbles like never before! Our sparkling wine tasting sessions are fun, interactive, and informative. You will learn more about the rich history, traditions, and stories behind each champagne. Most importantly however is that you get to enjoy lots of delicious flavours!

We’ll be sampling and comparing a range of sparkling wines from around the world, including a lesser-known sparkling red. Our Champagne tastings give you an opportunity to try some excellent Champagnes from major Champagne houses.

We usually host several Champagne tastings a year, with a couple hosted around Christmas. If nothing is displayed, follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter here to receive updates about new dates and availability.