Meet the wine lovers.

Our team come from all walks of life, and see wine from many different angles, always going above and beyond to find you the perfect bottle.

Phil Innes


Phil started Loki back in 2012, when the Birmingham wine-scene was pretty bare. Since then, he's been focused on bringing the finest, rarest and most interesting varietals to the city, and travels to vineyards around the globe to ensure that his selection remains the best in the Midlands.

Victoria Platt

Area Manager

Victoria has been part of Team Loki since day one, although you’d be forgiven for not recognising Vic, as she’s known for her ever changing hair colour (Neon pink and yellow at the moment, but for how long?!), but one thing that doesn’t change is her commitment to finding creative ways to develop Loki, and to push the boundaries set by an otherwise traditional wine industry.

Victoria is a qualified Champagne Academician and will quite happily share her passion and knowledge of all things Champagne (and Beer!) - more-so when she has a glass in hand!

David Walker

Manager, Great Western Arcade

David grew up in Wakefield, Yorkshire, but stayed in Birmingham after university (having met his wife at the graduate ball). They now have two children and a third on the way. When David isn’t working or drinking his favourite thing is to hang out with them.

He worked at majestic wine for 9 years prior to Loki so has a lot of experience with the product, and loves to use that knowledge in a less formal, more relaxed setting. He thinks it is important that wine is enjoyable and accessible, and wants people to feel comfortable asking questions.

If David was a wine he would definitely be Shiraz. South African and natural.

Esther Cheung

Sales Advisor

Manchunian Esther grew up in her parents restaurants and pubs, so hospitality comes naturally to her. She remembers her mum was always very proud of her wine lists in the restaurants and to this day keeps copies to remind her.

She studied Visual Arts at BIAD and is most interested in creating physical, spacial 3D experiences. She is inspired by the constructivist movement and brutalism. If she was a wine she would be Champagne because she is dry and bubbly. She also loves Cognac.

Esther has been in Birmingham for a long time now and says it is the perfect place for her, it is a city and there is a lot going on but still enough room to breathe.

Paul Creamer

Wine Educator

Paul has wine in his veins. His dad had a pretty decent cellar, and he gifted Paul a membership to the wine society when he was 20. He didn’t drink much when he was younger because he was really into sports, but then he realised that wine was way nicer than Gatorade.

Paul is now in stage 2 of his WSEC Master of Wine qualification. The course requires him to keep about 150 different wines in his home which he cracks into with his Coravin.

If Paul was a wine he would be a Chateau Montrose. Understated, it has an elegance that you have to search for and it’s well rounded. If there’s another drink he really rates it’s Sake. He visits Japan every couple of years to see his wife's family and he goes on a sake voyage each time.