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In 2014/15 we saw the rise of distilleries sprouting up all over the country and is fuelling the ever growing popularity of Gin. It would be utter sacrilege to have a £50 bottle of gin with a cheap bottle of tonic, but not to worry, at Loki once again we have a solution. We’re now stocking a rare and eclectic range of tonic waters perfectly designed for a selection of gins and some excellent advice from the Gintleman’.

Kicking off with Thomas Henry Tonic Water and its particularly high quinine content and subtle floral citrus aromas make it exceptionally refreshing. At £1.69 per bottle we would recommend trying with Aviation American Gin, an iconic style.

Next up, East Imperial Yuzu Tonic made by our artisan tonic experts in New Zealand. If you have never tried Yuzu, you should. Most easily described as the ultimate hybrid between a mandarin and a lemon and when thrown into the mix with a classic London Dry gin it certainly livens up the party.

All the way from Chile, 1724 tonic features the worlds purest water from Patagonia and Chinchona bark from Peru makes this tonic water somewhat a rare find, not something you would drink with a bottle of Gordons. This tonic is by far one of the most versatile tonics, so why not try it with all our gins? To narrow it down, Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin, Gin Mare and the home-grown Langley’s No.8.

Finally, it’s time for something a bit more unusual, Doctor Polidoris Cucumber Tonic water. Instead of a classic citrus flavour, this has been replaced with cucumber notes which would go down a treat with with Jinzu, a Japanese inspired Gin.

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