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Taittinger Nocturne is a fresh champagne with delicate ripe fruit and floral flavours. It is known for its distinctive blend and maturation process. The champagne is made from 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes sourced from 35 different vineyards.  The result is rounded, smooth, mellow, Champagne that is subtly sweeter than Taittinger’s Brut Réserve.

One of the key factors contributing to the unique character of Taittinger Nocturne is the careful selection of grapes harvested at the optimal stage of ripeness. This ensures that the fruit has achieved perfect maturity, resulting in a rich and flavorful champagne.

The extended maturation period in the cellars further enhances the champagne’s qualities. It allows the flavours and aromas to develop fully, resulting in a wine that is characterized by its fullness and smoothness. The maturation process helps to integrate the different grape varieties and create a harmonious and balanced champagne.

The bouquet of Taittinger Nocturne is subtle and delicate. It reveals delightful aromas of yellow peaches and dried apricots. These fruity aromas contribute to the champagne’s enticing and aromatic profile.

The entry of Taittinger Nocturne is smooth and creamy, creating a luxurious mouthfeel. However, it remains crisp, providing a refreshing and lively sensation on the palate. As the champagne unfolds, flavours of raisins and fruits in syrup, adding depth and complexity to the taste experience. The long and smooth finish of Taittinger Nocturne is described as distinctively sweet and full of flavour. This lingering sweetness on the palate is balanced and harmonious, leaving a lasting impression.

This Champagne offers a smooth and creamy texture that enhances the tasting experience.

Taittinger Nocturne Food Pairing Suggestion:

Foie gras.




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Creamy, Raisins, Yellow peach, Dried apricot, Fruit in syrup

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1 review for Taittinger Nocturne

  1. Alyssa

    Tattinger Nocturne is my favourite treat! It is just perfect drink to have on its own!

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